Oneplus 7 Pro Improved Updates for August Security Patch

Oneplus 7 Pro Improved Updates for August Security Patch

There are only a few companies within the Android universe who take it seriously when it comes to timely software updates. Google is the first one to launch the updates for its Pixel phones while Nokia also has been usually reliable with its wide range of Android One phones. OnePlus, though, has been competing with Google in terms of releasing the latest updates despite providing a custom OS. And in balance with the experience, OnePlus has released the August Security Patch for the OnePlus 7 Pro already.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has begun receiving the Android August Security patch under the guise of Oxygen OS 9.5.11 update. That is seen after a long time given that past safety patches usually have been delivered with some delay. Many blogs have been stated that the Pixel 3 series of phones have not even received the August security update till the date. This makes the OnePlus 7 Pro phone probably the initial Android phone to get the August patch.

And that is rather impressive given that OnePlus, unlike Google, offers a customized OS for its phones. Oxygen OS, despite wearing a stock Android impressed pores and skin, is customized to the core and never many companies can deliver updates as fast as this with such customized skins. And besides, with the August Security Patch, OnePlus additionally released bug fixes for its custom features.

Along with the security patch, OnePlus has additionally solved some of the previously reported bugs. The last update mixed up with the auto-brightness feature the place it failed at times to set the brightness relying on the ambient lighting. This update fixes the issue. OnePlus also says that it has optimized the sensitivity of the screen while playing games. The update also optimizes unintended touches with notification bar in calling feature.

The Oxygen OS 9.5.11 update virtually 400MB and is recommended to be downloaded on Wi-Fi.

Over its two-months, the OnePlus 7 Pro has got numerous updates. Some of them have improved the camera remarkably, whereas the others have focused on improving the performance and overall refinement of the software program. The OnePlus 7 Pro begins from Rs 48,999 in India and for the price, you get a 90Hz 6.65-inch Quad HD+ AMOLED display with no notch, a stable triple rear camera setup, dependable battery life and flawless performance.