The FCC Is Reportedly Investigating Apple and Samsung Phones for Emitting Radiation

The FCC Is Reportedly Investigating Apple and Samsung Phones for Emitting Radiation

The Federal Communications Commission is said to be investigating sure Apple and Samsung smartphones that reportedly emit higher radiation levels than the FCC permits; the Chicago Tribune reported last week.

With the help of radiation testing lab RF Exposure Lab in California, the Tribune discovered that Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 emitted radiation levels beyond the FCC’s limits.

It also found that the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy J3 measured increased radiation levels than the FCC’s limits permit.

The extreme radiation levels had been mostly recorded in a test that simulated the phones at 2mm away from a human body so, when a person holds up a phone to their ear during phone calls, or when a phone is in a pocket. The health risks associated with smartphone radiation are nonetheless uncertain. Some say that young children and teenagers could be exposed to more smartphone radiation than older generations, as smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous. On the same time, standard cell phones that also emit radiation have been around long before smartphones.

Apple told the Chicago Tribune that its testing was inaccurate in comparison with the corporate’s trial. Apple didn’t instantly reply to Enterprise Insider’s request for remark.

“Samsung devices sold in the US comply with FCC laws. Our units are examined according to the same test protocols which can be used across the business,” Samsung told Business Insider in a statement.

The FCC didn’t immediately reply to Business Insider’s request for remark.

The RF Exposure Lab where the Chicago Tribune’s checks had been performed is acknowledged by the FCC as accredited to test for radiofrequency radiation from electronic units, the Chicago Tribune said.