Fitbit’s New Versa 2 Smartwatches Introduce with Alexa

Fitbit's New Versa 2 Smartwatches Introduce with Alexa

September will be an essential month for smartwatches. Fitbit on Wednesday announced its new Versa 2, which can arrive in stores on Sept. 15. Samsung has a new smartwatch coming two days earlier on Sept. 13, and a new Apple Watch is probably going around the corner, too. However, the $200 Fitbit Versa 2 has unique features that might rise above the competitors. The next generation of Fitbit’s most successful smartwatch adds Amazon Alexa connectivity, together with a better display, a faster processor and longer battery life.

Fitbit’s also launching a new coaching and fitness guidance subscription service known as Fitbit Premium. It can cost $10 a month or $80 a year and isn’t exclusive to the Versa 2. Fitbit Premium will provide guided plans and workouts covering everything from exercise regimens to weight loss and calorie-counting guides, along with what Fitbit guarantees will be a customized mixture of recommendations based on your collected fitness data.

It sounds like it may offer more proactive lifestyle coaching in addition to merely tracking user’s information, which is something that the user has been looking for in a fitness tracker and still hasn’t entirely found.

Fitbit announced its new watch and service, along with a brand new $50 standard smart scale known as the Fitbit Aria Air that measures weight and BMI, at an event in New York where I received to look at the Versa 2 and its accessories up close.